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“Born out of south africa’s transformation from apartheid to democracy, the lewis method of deep democracy is a facilitative method used by leaders and facilitators from all walks of life. The process enables voices to be heard, mines the inherent wisdom by resolving tension and conflict and results in transformation and change.”

Deep Democracy is based on the work of the American psychologist Arnold Mindell, known for his innovative work in Process Orientated Psychology. In the early 1990s two of Mindell's students, Myrna Lewis and her late husband, Greg, began translating some of the psychological tools for use in organizations. As corporate consultants, they applied what they had learned...

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"Deep Democracy is one of the most significant new techniques I have ever brought to my work. It has radically changed the way I consult, and also the way I work internally in my own organisation”

Deep Democracy has been widely applied in many parts of the world in both the Public and Private sector

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“Since 2014 Deep Democracy has been applied in Turkey by activists involved with the Turkish spring.”

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“Deep Democracy has been applied in an NGO setting. The NGO was a leader in researching the roll out of anti retroviral medication in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.”

It can be hard to maintain stability and cooperation while juggling the multifaceted activities of a non-profit organisation. In the crucible of funding pressures, volunteer supervision, philosophical variances and regulatory compliance, even the most motivated players can lose heart and focus. Group dynamics are ironically harder to manage in NGO settings where the level of passion and idealism tends to be high. Deep Democracy is especially effective in helping NGOs, their staff, trustees and volunteers to make genuinely collaborative decisions reflecting their shared interests and commitment.

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“What teachers model, determines to a large extent how members of the next generation will treat themselves, each other, and the planet. So in a very real sense, teachers hold the key to our future as a species.”

Deep Democracy for Education has been taught to teachers and learners in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Sweden and Canada and will hopefully spread to other countries in the near future.

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“The mass and social media reporting on the Israeli & Palestinian conflict tends to force us to choose sides”

Another Way - Dialogue On The Israeli/Palestine Conflict


“Let’s Talk is a unique application that will take your relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues young and old, to a more rewarding level in a new and interesting way.”

The approach is simple and pragmatic and may change the way you deal with common everyday issue, the ups and downs of relationships enabling you to unlock the potential and joy that lies within every relationship - Permanently changing your perceptions and way of coping with life. Let's Talk will take you by the hand, guide and teach you the 4 step method and helping you through Video examples understand how to implement this method. Let's Talk has it's roots in the Lewis method of Deep Democracy a tried and tested facilitation method used from boardroom to classroom, all over the world for the past 20 years.

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