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You may not guess this from the title, but deep democracy is a practical facilitation approach for anyone who is working with groups or individuals. It is "democratic" because it emphasizes that every voice matters and that decision are wisest when majority and minority voices are both valued. It is "deep" because it goes far beyond the conventional methods of facilitating the exchange of ideas and instead surfaces emotions, values, beliefs, and personalities to inform and enrich the group's process.

Based in process-oriented psychology and developed in the tension-ridden context of post-apartheid South Africa [History], Deep Democracy has been specifically customized to meet some of the most common challenges faced in any modern group setting.

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Deep Democracy will be hosting a Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 14th November this year that will be a totally interactive all-day Deep Democracy experience, involving South African business, community and political leaders as well as international participants, many of whom have already confirmed their attendance..

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