How a mediator with 25+ years of experience in conflict resolution recently became an advocate for Deep Democracy: An interview with Wanda Everts

For those of us who are new to Deep Democracy, it can be intimidating to think about moving beyond the classroom towards actually putting this method into practice. Fortunately, as Deep Democracy newcomer Wanda Everts reminds us, first times are always difficult; it doesn’t matter if you’re a “newbie” to conflict resolution, or an experienced […]

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Interviewing Sera Thompson: An insider look at practicing Deep Democracy today

Sera Thompson is a leading practitioner and senior trainer of the Deep Democracy method. She is the Founder and Director of New Leaf Social Innovation, a company that supports social innovation thru leading strategic initiatives, hosting engagement and training leadership. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences from McGill University, Sera’s […]

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