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The membership will offer you the following:

  1. An international platform for marketing and collaboration
  2. Global Lewis Method Deep Democracy / Co-resolve news
  3. A Chat room
  4. A help hot line

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You are invited to become a member of the international community of  practitioners, instructors and elders of the Lewis Methods of Deep Democracy, Co-Resolve  and Lets Talk .

The Lewis method is growing around the world, there are increasing numbers of people using the tools and engaging with the methods.

However with this growth there is also the potential for standards to disperse. This membership system assists in preventing this. The register of members will officially authenticate practitioners’ qualifications, and at the same time support you by validating your status as a Lewis Method of Deep Democracy, Co-resolve and Let’s Talk practitioner.


The membership will offer you the following:

  1. An international platform for marketing and collaboration

As a member your profile (if you chose) will be accessible on the website. The format of the current register will be updated, and information displayed will include your professional practice, area of work, your qualifications, level of training in the Lewis methods of Deep-Democracy,  Co-Resolve, Lets Talk,  and your particular areas of interests. If you are an instructor your own training programs will be advertised on the web and linked to your profile.

The profile will allow others to have easy access to information about you, and will enable you to search for people who may be working in the same thematic area or sector, enhancing opportunities for learning and collaboration.

  1. Global Lewis Method Deep Democracy / Co-resolve news

There will be regular report (via vimeoand/ news bulletins  about what’s happening at local and global levels, as well as related conferences and activities.  Practitioners will be encouraged to contribute to these news bulletins.

  1. A Chat room

There will be a chat room a place to discuss and “chat” about  areas of interests. This  chat room will be populated with stimulating topics to prompt chats and a place where you can post your own  topics. ??? Rob lets check this !

  1. A help hot line

A place where you can turn to for help and assistance.  You can type in your request for information and assistance which will be given on line. Or you can ask for a call with an elder of the community. You can also request a supervision or coaching session at a reasonable fee.