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Belamie Peddle

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CR leadership instructor, DD L1 instructor, DD L2 instructor, Elder


Facilitator, coach & trainer

About me

Belamie Peddle is an independent consultant, coach and facilitator working with individuals, couples, families, teams and organisations on growing awareness, decision making and working through tension. She has a passion for exploring what is, identifying what can be as well as providing the relevant skills and support to get there. Through the use of CoResolve, a transformative facilitation methodology, she enables authentic, inclusive and enriching conversations that result in heightened awareness, strengthened relationships and improved interpersonal and or group dynamics. Belamie’s focus is on helping leaders and teams achieve their potential in a real and authentic way. She does this by providing understanding of the situational dynamics at play at both a conscious and unconscious level. This new understanding, coupled with the necessary diagnostics, skills and tools, translates into more effective and participative interactions .
Belamie is a certified CoResolve instructor and coach. She holds a Social Science degree from UCT and is a graduate of the Red & Yellow School of Advertising. She has worked in close collaboration with Myrna Lewis, the founder of CoResolve. Belamie runs the Personal Development Program for CoResolve practitioners that wish to grow their skills. She has trained and facilitated meaningful conversations in meeting rooms, boardrooms, classrooms and clinics in South Africa and Europe.
 This diverse exposure has honed her ability to relate and communicate with people from all walks of life from school-going youth to CEO’s, and has given her an understanding of and appreciation for a broad spectrum of environments.  
 Belamie can assist with:
·       Effectively eliciting different views and opinions within large groups

·       Robust decisions with maximum buy-in

·       Exploring sensitive topics such as diversity and transformation

·       Resolving internal conflict

·       Collaborative decision making & dealing with difference

·       Leadership enhancement

·       Sparking innovation


DD level 1, DD level 2, DD level 3, DD level 4, Pers. dev. prg.