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Danielle Braun

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Corporate Anthropologist, author, speaker, facilitator. Chief of the Culture Academy.

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Corporate Anthropology, Deep Democracy, author, speaker, trainer, facilitator, business consultant. Netherlands and international.

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The Culture Academy

Danielle Braun and Jitske Kramer founded The Culture Academy out of passion. Passion for people, cultures, leaders, tribes, diversity, organizations…. passion for corporate anthropology. Together, they are experts in the field of Organizational Culture – Leadership – Diversity – Inclusion – Deep Democracy. With lectures, masterclasses, courses, blogs and books they share their ideas and train hundreds of participants a year in Deep Democracy and Corporate Anthropology. Their work is rooted in scientific anthropological research and spiced with hands-on business experience. Applying the (indigenous) knowledge of people across the globe to get the best out of organizations. Building strong tribes, with clear shared visions and safe for diversity. State of the Art of Corporate Anthropologie.


“We take you on a fascinating journey to the essence of your organization or company. We help you to decipher the grammar of organizational culture. To see what is really going on in the dynamics of your organization. In the ranking, behaviors, rituals, differences, relationships and stories. Vital for effective collaboration, wise decision-making and collective change. We look at organizations as tribes, as living communties. And we aim for the highest goals. Challenge the obvious. Every day.”


Danielle Braun, PhD – Corporate Anthropologist

Danielle’s motto is: “no man is an island”. She is committed to help build impactful organizations. Tribes with impact. Starting with leaders.

Danielle is an expert in the field of leadership, change and organizational culture. After her studies in African- and Asian witchcraft and religions, she did her PhD in leadership and organizational culture with the Dutch police force. She worked as a consultant and regional director of refugee centers within the Netherlands. Dedicated to decipher cultural DNA of organizations and help leaders to fulfill their tasks. She facilitates organizations and executives through complex changes.
To drive execution power. To build strong tribes. Safe for diversity. Ready for change.

Danielle is co-founder and director of The Culture Academy. Best-seller author of the award winning De Corporate Tribe (Dutch, Management book of the year 2016). A highly sought after speaker who takes you on a journey you’ll never forget


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