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Sandra Bouckaert

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I am a driven, enterprising, enthusiastic trainer, coach and facilitator. I love to develop existing business to achieve improved quality, efficiency and effectiveness. It is important for me that my work leads to visible results and is of the highest quality. The feedback I received as a trainer/coach included: using a careful approach, integrity, ability to create a safe atmosphere. I love open communication, start from the basis of trust and I can assess when confrontation is required. Methodologies:  Theme Centered interaction, Alternatives to Violence Project and Deep Democracy.
2011-present: Director of the business Bouckaert Coaching en Opleiding. Associated partner at Academie voor Organisatiecultuur. Director of Zelfsturende teams

My coaching of teams in socially oriented medium-sized organizations includes providing support and encouragement in order to increase commitment to the task, the colleagues and the organizational goals. This increases motivation, productivity and results. I work with executives from middle management and with professionals of a range of training and qualifications. I offer pathways such as teamcoaching, individual coaching, guidance, communication training, conflict management, training and feedback meetings around vision and mission. My specialization: leadership programs for team leaders/coaches in independent team management in health care organisations. In these pathways executives are thought the ideas and tools of Deep Democracy to coach their teams.
2007-2012: Senior trainer, coach and consultant for KAT Advice & Training.

I developed and implemented pathways such as teamcoaching, coaching in groups, individual coaching, call and communicative skills training and personal effectiveness training. I developed and implemented projects and procedures to deal with aggression control within social services, and housing corporations.

1998-2006: Coach at VIA: For-and aftercare for (prospective) adoptive parents. Parent guidance (Video Interaction) to adoptive parents. Sherborne movement therapy for parent and child. Video Interaction and coach for parents in the Adoption team at Horizon Adoption Services. Trainer social and cognitive skills at Viataal. Providing training to children and young people with authism.
1997- 2002: Psychodramatist at foundation ‘De Sterre’ in Gent: I took care of social skill trainings and psychodrama groups for children with socio-emotional problems. Coaching of teachers, guidance of parents.

1988- 2001: Drama teacher at Chekhov Theatre Studio. Drama teacher at Zon en Schild (health care). Drama teacher at various theatre associations.
2016-present: Course Corporate Anthropology at Academie voor Organisatiecultuur
Instructors Program Deep Democracy by Myrna Lewis.
2012-2013: Personal Development Program Deep Democracy by Myrna Lewis.
2007:  Training “Aggression control’ to be a trainer in this subject at KAT Advice & Training.
2004:  Training pedagogy of Sherborne, TGV Rotterdam.
2000- 2002:  Training Video Interaction Guidance (A.I.T. certified).
1996- 1998: Sequel Psychodrama training (for trainers and therapists).
1994-1996: Basic training Psychodrama (for trainers and therapists).
1984-1988: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Faculty of theatre and Drama.
1983 HAVO.
2011-2013 : Training Deep Democracy Level 1, 2, 3,and 4 by Myrna Lewis.
AVP (Alternatives To Violence Program) training “Be the positive change 2” at DiversityJoy. Intervision Group Deep democracy, Intervision Group :’ Assen van Verandering’, Change development.
2010-2011: AVP training “Be the positive change 1” at DiversityJoy, Foundation Training Deep Democracy at Human Dimensions by Jitske Kramer. Coaching at New Dimensions.
2006-2009: study days at Autism Central, practice days by Lex Mulder: ‘ Drama in Companies” , Theme Centered Interaction, ‘ Conflict Management’ at prof. Leni Verhofstadt.
1998-2009: Various study days in the area of youth social services, adoption, Psychodrama (e.g. Max Clayton)
1988-1995: Theater workshops, youth theatre courses, Method Acting and voice training.


DD level 1, DD level 2, DD level 3, DD level 4, Pers. dev. prg.