I Know Me


The IKM is a psychological assessment that enables a person to gain deeper self-awareness into his/her personality traits, patterns and coping mechanisms. The IKM consists of a questionnaire/interview and feedback session.

Before you begin the Deep Democracy Level 4 course, you will need to go through an IKM assessment that will give you deeper insight into your personality patterns.

Kindly download the I Know Me questionnaire after purchase.

Once you have completed the IKM questionnaire, a licensed IKM analyst will analyse your IKM and schedule a feedback session with you. The analysis may be evocative and you may want to take time after your feedback session to reflect.

You will be registered on the IKM platform and receive a password that will enable to retrieve your IKM report that the analyst will upload to the IKM Platform after your feedback session.

Please be assured that the information you give and the analysis will be kept private and confidential by Myrna Lewis & Britta Courtenay, or one of the qualified and licensed IKM analysts.

Upon completion, kindly send your IKM questionnaire to britta@deep-democracy.net