Transforming Relationships

Lewis Deep Democracy is an easily learned and transferable method which ensures all voices are heard, resolves tension & conflict arising  from diverse opinions, enables creative innovative decisions through tapping the inherent wisdom of the group, gains  ‘buy in’ to decisions,  enhances  relationships and personal growth. The method provides a diagnostic tools to understanding resistance and lack of buy into decision making and how to overcome it.

The method is used by:

  • Leaders or anyone driving an agenda or championing a goal,  enabling them to harness the power & wisdom of the people they lead.
  • Facilitators wanting to apply a road map to unearth, resolve & gain the wisdom which lies in the  emotional undercurrents of a group.
  • Educators who wish to use the method as a teaching tool thereby enabling learners to gain important life lessons whilst teaching the curriculum.
  • People in customer service industries who are interested in improving their client relationships through new innovative ways.
  • People who are wanting to improve their personal relationships, with their partners family and friends.
  • People who are social activists and socio-political realm.

The world is at turning point,

The focus for the 2019 Lewis Deep Democracy Experience in Manchester will be around dealing with tension and conflict; by facing it and leaning into it as opposed to postponing, withdrawing or evading it. By doing so, we can lessen the increasing polarisation that’s taking place in the world. We will address the fractal patterns at the micro level of personal inner tensions, relationships, work, community and at the macro level of socio political tensions.

The three days of exploration will enable us to fully embrace our tools, to raise the world’s consciousness and to connect in fun, meaningful and growthful ways.

Experience the fluidity of Lewis Deep Democracy by discovering how it can be used in conjunction with other methodologies such as Orsc, The Work (Byron Katie), Systems Change, Theory U, World Cafe, Transformative Mediation & Design Thinking.

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