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Reflections on Poland and South Africa PART ONE

Through Malina Baranowska-Janusz, a Lewis Method Deep Democracy Youth Speak facilitator, and Gert Roehrborn, from the Heinrich Boell Foundation Warszawa (Warsaw, Poland) I was invited to participate in European Youth Conference 2017 (#EYC2017) “Regain or Retreat? European Youth in an Age of Uncertainty”. The conference was organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation Warszawa and the […]

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From board meetings to 11th grade classrooms – Debbie Donaldson’s contribution as a Deep Democracy practitioner

Debbie Donaldson is a self-employed consultant in the financial services sector and their supply chains. She works primarily in sustainable development specifically in translating strategic intent into actionable plans for implementation. Debbie facilitates the creation of the plans, works with the team to address team dynamics in a way that optimises collaboration and / or […]

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Deep Democracy – A new way to stop workplace and schoolyard bullying and discrimination before it happens?

How do you stop workplace bullying and discrimination before it happens? This was the central question explored in a recent interview with Julie Whitmore. Julie lives in Canberra, Australia, and works for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) human rights commission processing workplace discrimination complaints. As an employee of the ACT human rights commission, you’re particularly […]

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