Introducing the Check-in Wave: a method to access the potential of transformation during this time of chaos.

COVID-19 has introduced chaos into our lives. At Lewis Deep Democracy we recognise that transformation occurs when there is chaos. Through the Check-in Wave, we offer you a way to tap into the inherent gift of chaos and transform your connection to others. The LDD Check-in methodology creates a safe space for people to share, to release tension, to be listened to, to gain support, feel connected and an opportunity to broaden perspectives and learn from one another.

This is a constantly evolving page so check back regularly for updates. You can also sign up using the form to the right  to get notified of upcoming Check-in Waves for you to join. Whether you want to become an Accredited Check-in Wave Facilitator or just join our community, there is a wave for you.


WE ARE MOVING! Please bear with us while we relocate our website and visit us in our new home.

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