The I-Know-Me is a personality assessment tool.  It is informed by a kernel theory of Sigmund Freud's, the Obsessive Repetitive Compulsive Pattern. This theory suggests that we develop certain patterns of behaviour based on the parenting and socialization processes of our early childhood. These patterns form our coping mechanisms and influence the way we respond to people, our world and ourselves. Our coping mechanisms are our biggest strength and our Achilles heel. They determine our unique personality and limit us from fulfilling the true potential that lies within us.

Eric Bern, father of Transactional Analysis, built on Freud’s theory and termed it the Script Pattern Analysis. He purposefully compared a Script Pattern to a theatrical script in that, just as a theatrical script directs performance, the Script Pattern consciously or unconsciously directs how we relate to others, the world and ourselves.

Richard Erskine, a Transactional Analyst and follower of Bern, described how in our day to day functioning we respond in a manner that evokes and reinforces the Script Pattern. He called these behavioural responses the “Rackety Pattern”. The I-Know-Me Profile is based on Richard Erskine’s rackety pattern.

The I-Know-Me (IKM) profile is gained through the completion of a detailed questionnaire. The professional analysis and report is given to the participant by a trained IKM analyst, via an hour long session (usually online).  The information from the IKM profile helps you to maximize your learning and integration of Lewis Deep Democracy theory and tools, particularly during group coaching and or individual coaching sessions.


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