Powered by Lewis Deep Democracy, the CoResolve Leadership program was designed in 2014 to meet the needs of leaders, managers, consultants and anyone driving an initiative or goal, who may not be able to adopt the neutral role as prescribed in the Lewis Deep Democracy methodology.

The CoResolve Instructor Program will train, skill and equip you to teach the 7 modules of the 2-day CoResolve Leadership course. You will:

  • Learn how to present the CoResolve teaching material in a manner that is clear and applicable to the needs of participants who attend your courses.
  • Hone your CoResolve toolkit to effectively use and demonstrate the tools you are teaching.
  • Develop your Metaskills and support your personal growth to enable you to read the fabric of a group in order to create and maintain a safe crucible for the learning to take place. (The CoResolve teaching is highly experiential and there is inevitably an emotional journey that accompanies the learning).


Phase 1: Self-learning via the training manuals and video material.
Phase 2: Online ‘boot-camp’ where you practice teaching the course material supported by a CoResolve Instructor

Phase 3: You deliver two CoResolve courses under in-room supervision by a CoResolve Instructor, followed by online Elder supervision.

Phase 4: You deliver one CoResolve course on your own, followed by online Elder supervision.

Phase 5: Evaluation and accreditation process.

Phase 6: Qualifying and accreditation and signing of an annual Facilitator License & Supervision Agreement with Deep Democracy Pty Ltd


Pre-requisites for this Program are:


Completion of the CoResolve 2-day Leadership Course.
6 group coaching sessions.
6 individual coaching sessions.
An I-Know-Me (IKM) Personality Assessment.



Completion of the CoResolve 2-day Leadership Course.
Deep Democracy Level 3 and Level 4 courses.
An I-Know-Me (IKM) Personality Assessment.
The Personal Development Program.

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