Lewis Elder Program

Lewis Elder Program


Advanced training of Accredited Programs requires prior training in one or more of the Lewis Deep Democracy courses.

To find out about the pre-requisites and the structure of the Lewis Elder Program, please view the information below.

The Elder Program was developed in 2012 to meet the demand for supervision from the increasing numbers of Lewis Deep Democracy practitioners, facilitators and Instructors.

This Program concentrates on deepening your self-awareness and equipping you with advanced skills to provide:

  • Technical Supervision: supervision relating to the practice of Lewis Deep Democracy.
  • Lewis Deep Democracy Coaching.
  • Advanced Supervision for anyone struggling with Metaskills due to personal patterns and emotional issues. Advanced Supervision supports participants to gain insight into these issues, and to step into another dimension of her or his practice.

This program will support your personal growth and build your confidence and competence in all your personal and professional roles, and especially in your Elder role in the Lewis Deep Democracy community.

Pre-requisites to applying for this Program:

  • Pathway 1:

Completion of the CoResolve 2-day Leadership Course.

6 group coaching sessions.

6 individual coaching sessions.

An I-Know-Me (IKM) Personality Assessment


  • Pathway 2:

Completion of the Personal Development Program.

Overview of the Program:

The Elder Program generally takes place over a year and is very practice focused. It includes monthly group online sessions with Myrna Lewis as well as a number of face-to-face days for supervision and practice. It also requires regular journal work.

For more information and/or to apply for this Program, please email: [email protected]


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