Lewis Leadership / CoResolve


CoResolve is powered by Lewis Deep Democracy and is a learning package that has been developed specifically for leaders. It diverges from other Lewis Deep Democracy programs which are designed for facilitators who are required to hold a space with neutrality.

In contrast leaders are defined people who have a view and are driving a process to achieve an objective. They are the people who champion ideas, set agendas, manage relationships, chair meetings, direct efforts and at times are required to restrain as well as advocate change processes. Some leaders have an official leadership title, others don’t. But all leaders have a stake, often a big stake, in their work, and how they get their own voices and the voices of others heard has a significant impact on the success of their initiatives.

Through CoResolve you will extend your skills in collaborative decision making, reading group dynamics, holding difficult conversations, resolving conflict and building effective and efficient systems.

CoResolve is a 2 day program with a maximum number of 15 people, ensuring opportunities for practical and experiential learning. The 2 days can also be delivered in modules. There are no prerequisites for this program.

Following the two day training participants are encouraged to attend 3 to 6 supervision sessions where they continue to practice their skills with 4 or 5 other group members. These groups usually take place in virtual space and are time and cost effective. Individual coaching is also available and participants are encouraged to complete the I-Know-Me personality profile which provides insights into personal patterns.


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