Personal Development Program


Advanced Programs all require prior training in one or more of the Lewis Deep Democracy courses.

To find out about the pre-requisites and the structure of the Personal Development Program, please view the information below.

Overview of the Program

The Personal Development Program is designed forthose who have completed Lewis Deep Democracy courses Levels 1 – 4, and want to integrate the theory and tools into their day-to-day personal and work life.

The integration process includes knitting the methodology into your own unique style to enable you to gain valuable insights and personal growth that will develop your proficiency and confidence as a Lewis Deep Democracy practitioner.

The PDP also establishes the foundation for those wanting to continue to the Level 1 or CoResolve Instructor Training Programs.

Pre-requisites to applying for the Program:

  • Completion of the Lewis Deep Democracy courses Levels 1 - 4.
  • The I-Know-Me (IKM) personality assessment.

Outline of the Program:

The Lewis Deep Democracy toolkit is broken down into modules which are addressed over a 6-month period. Each month the program concentrates on specific tools and different aspects of the theory, and requires that you:

  • Join a 90-minute online group supervision session with a PDP Instructor.
  • Practice the tools at an advanced level in your personal and work lives.
  • Complete written exercises and journals and submit these to the PDP Supervisor and your PDP Coach.
  • Have a 1-hour, one-on-one online personal coaching session with a Lewis Deep Democracy coach.

To apply for this Program:

  • Logon to the Lewis Deep Democracy website.
  • Select Apply for Accredited Program from the drop-down menu under the SERVICES button.
  • Click on the Program you would like to apply for.
  • Complete the online Application.

Please CLICK HERE to download the full information document for this program.

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