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This product gives you access to the online, self-guided IKM AND a personal coaching session to help you integrate and apply it. You will be paired up with and introduced to a coach. Once you have completed your online IKM you can set up a coaching session, via Zoom, to deepen your insights and discover what tools you can use. See detailed information below.
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The I Know Me, based on the work of famous psychiatrist Eric Bern and psychologists Richard Erskine, shines a light on who you are and why you respond in a particular way.

We are shaped by our traits and our early childhood experiences. We are highly alert and sensitive to the conscious and unconscious messages that our parents give us. Based on these messages, we create distinctive patterns of behaviour of how to be in the world, and how to be in relation to others and ourselves.

These behaviour patterns are the source of our character strengths and achievements; they enable our unique contribution to the world. The behaviour patterns are reflexive and unconscious and in certain circumstances, inhibit us from fulfilling our true potential by limiting the way we perceive and respond to the world.

By completing the I Know Me you will gain and enhance the necessary understanding and insight into yourself to help you fulfil your gifts and talents, and you will acquire the awareness and guidance of what you need to do to overcome the limitations of these patterns.  

This self-discovery journey consists of the following: 

  1. It will begin with a guided meditation that will help take you back in time to remember the messages you integrated as a young child. 
  2. A step by step reflection, enabling you to gain an understanding of the patterns which influence your behaviour and responses, known as the Script.
  3. An opportunity to hit pause and take a break from the screen.
  4. An exercise directing and enabling you to discover how your Script pattern is reinforced in your day-to-day life, known as the Rackety Pattern.
  5. A 1 hour one-on-one virtual coaching session to help you integrate the insights gained into your day-to-day life.

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