Inside the No eBook

Inside the No. eBook by Myrna Lewis.

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In the crucible of South Africa’s deliverance from apartheid, Myrna Lewis and her late husband, Greg, adapted Arnold Mindell’s Deep Democracy methodology to create a powerful set of decision making and conflict resolution tools. Those techniques are transforming corporations, organisations, schools, families, relationships and lives all over the world.

Inside the NO by Myrna Lewis is a clear, step by step guide to using Deep Democracy in your own world. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make difficult decisions in surprising new ways
  • Achieve 100 percent buy-in
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Read the dynamics affecting group interactions
  • Uncover inner resources you never knew you had
  • Deepen relationships
  • Inspire participation from everyone in your group
  • Gain the hidden wisdom of the minority
  • Bring new creativity into your business, family and social circle

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