Courses that serve as a foundation to practicing Lewis Deep Democracy tools in your everyday environment.

Level 1 provides the foundational theory & skills of Lewis Deep Democracy. It comprises of 8 modules which can be taken over two days or in a modular format. 

Key outcomes include:

  • the ability to effectively gain all the views within a group, and why this is invaluable
  •  the ability to recognise the minority voice and / the NO, create and hold the space for its expression, and add its value into majority decision making
  • knowing how, when and why decision-making processes build resistance
  • understanding group dynamics from the perspectives of role theory and field theory
  • the ability to facilitate processes that support groups to engage with tension and experience the transformative potential of conflict
  • insights into how to apply and use the theory and tools in your facilitation and consulting work as well as in your personal life

CoResolve is a two-day training program that gives you the theoretical background, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and long term support that you need to achieve your leadership goals.

Regardless of what environment you are leading in,we recognise that the hardest part of being a leader is understanding and managing individuals and team dynamics. Creating and maintaining an environment where people feel heard and enabling everyone to bring the best version of themselves is challenging but achievable.